The Sudbury Symphony Orchestra had its 2019 New Year rehearsal workshop on 3rd February when we tackled Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony. 

This symphony, often called "Pathetique", as it is so emotional emotional is one of Tchaikovsky's most popular works. The symphony has lots of beautiful motifs, a third movement packed full of exuberance and a fourth movement to make you cry.  What’s not to like on a drab Sunday in February? This was a great opportunity for amateur musicians to experience playing the symphony .  The workshop was just for the day in St Peters Sudbury from 10 am until about 5 pm with Matt Andrews as our conductor and Steve Calder as our leader.  These workshops are great fun, playing music without the stress of needing to reach concert standard. We do normally play through the piece at the end of the day but we purposefully do not invite an audience – this is a day for our enjoyment of playing music as an orchestra. 

As ever we provided light refreshments during the day and we organised a group lunch at The Codfather restaurant - which again coped really well with 35 people turning up for lunch. The Codfather restaurant is just 30 seconds walk from the church so it is very convenient and is ranked by TripAdvisor as 3rd out of 74 restaurants in Sudbury.  

There was a really good turn out for the day with a full brass sections which always adds to the excitement of the day and everyone went away at the end of the day knowing they had really enjoyed themselves. Great way to spend a Sunday in February!