We are very proud of our soloists, and very proud that they have performed with us.  They have all contributed so much to the enjoyment of our audience and our players in presenting concerts.  Our soloists are all naturally very talented, some at the start of their professional career, some very established.  Here is a list of our soloists over the last few years.....

Michael Foyle: Performing with us in March 2024 

Jill Morton: Performing with us in November 2023 and previously in November 2018, March 2016 and March 2015

Robert Spivey: Performing with us in July 2023 on French horn

Phillipa Barton: Performed with us in March 2023 and in November 2019 and July 2017 on violin

Julia Raga Pascual: Performed with us in November 2022 on clarinet  

Sam Willsmore: Performed with us in June 2022 on cor anglais.

Thomas Isaac: Performed with us in March 2022, November 2017 and November 2016 on cello

Catherine May: Performed with us in November 2021, March 2019 and November 2014 as soprano soloist

Christopher Bearman: Performed with us in March 2018 on tuba

Finlay McEwen: Performed with us in June 2017 on saxophone

William Knight  Performed with us in March 2017 on clarinet