Sudbury Symphony Orchestra holds regular workshops, either over a whole weekend, usually at Nayland village hall, or just a Sunday at St. Peter’s Church in Sudbury. During these events we work on a piece of music from the orchestral repertoire to challenge ourselves. We also welcome guests at these events, either those considering joining an orchestra or anyone who wants to have a go at the work we’ve chosen.

If you would like to come along, please get in touch with Hilary on 07802 793768 or email her. We usually suggest that a standard equivalent to grade 5 or above is required for you to get the most out of attending.  If you are not quite that standard or are just not an experienced orchestral player then these workshops are a good way to get an introduction to playing in an orchestra - you can just sit in the orchestra with your instrument and follow the music and when you feel brave enough play a few notes. 

These workshops are free to non-members of the orchestra, so please do contact us if you are interested – string places are usually unlimited, but places for wind players can’t be guaranteed – don’t let that stop you getting in touch though!

NEXT WORKSHOP: Sunday 4th February 2018 

Bruckner 4th Symphony

Location: St Peters, Sudbury

How many times do you get a chance to play this great symphony?  At one hour long it is not often performed by amateur orchestras but it is one of Bruckner's most popular works and we are very pleased to be playing it at our next workshop.  

We actively encourage string players, whether currently playing or maybe just returning to playing to come to these events.  We are very supportive of players, no one is left out and we all know what it is like to be completely lost, playing an unintended solo, or playing an interesting variant of the written music. We have all been there and got the T-shirt.  These are hard working but fun days with plenty of laughter. Whats not to like?

Just email or call Hilary on 07802 793768 for more details.

Weekend Workshop - October 2017

Our last weekend workshop was on 7th and 8th October in Nayland Village Hall when we tackled Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony.  This was quite a challenge as many of us were sight reading the music for the first time.  In total there were nearly 50 players, some coming from as far as Norwich, Felixstowe and Southend.  By the end of the weekend and with the sheer force of will of our conductor Matt Andrews we managed to play through the symphony in full without stopping, it was not always perfect but it was always played in great spirit.  We came away knowing what great music this symphony is, how big a piece of music it is (not just in terms of its length, 50 minutes) and that this was something we could include in one of our concerts in the not too distant future.  This was a great result for all of us and we came away from the weekend with a great sense of achievement.  And we were ably helped this year by two polypins of Colchester Brewery's finest ales which they generously donated. 



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